Thursday, 5 November 2009

A Clayton's Post

It seems silly that Google can't figure out that our website should be the first hit on a search for us, but I'll do my bit to help them.


Simone R. said...

Hi Anthony. Love your church website. Not sure if you are webmaster. Just in case...

"10:15 am

10:15 is our family service and designed to work well for both kids are parents. It is an informal service with a contemporary style of music. With songs and prayers projected onto the screen, it is possible to hold a baby and participate fully in the service!

Wondering if this is a little family-centric. Would single people or couples without kids feel welcome with this description? (also a typo - are/and.) Love this last paragraph though...

"After the service we meet in the hall for morning tea. Be warned: the kids often treat this as lunch, so you might need to get in quickly..."


Anthony Douglas said...

Not technically the webmaster, but I change all the content. A lot of it is still the quick couple of lines that was used to originally populate pages - now we need to go back over it all and tidy up. But that's a page I should fix sooner rather than later - so thanks for the typo.

It is quite family-centric, but that's by design. The demographics of the area are such that it's relatively safe - the vast majority of the town are either families or empty-nesters or widows/widowers. And we're small enough that the latter groups can be honorary grandparents in any case.

You did however force me to check the census data to make sure I wasn't imagining things, so that's a good thing.

(If you were young and single, you wouldn't be living in the Heads. Unless ennui is your thing, I guess ;-)

As for the last paragraph - I think that was the only thing I added to the page before we started publicising its existence. We had a fairly tight development window - about a month. But for my next new year's resolution...